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Web Site Design and Programming

Harness the Web, Inc. designs database integrated web sites. Save money and increase functionality with a site that allows you to incorporate business processes online and manage them yourself.

Be more productive with one of our websites - Interactive Database programming sounds more complicated but actually makes things easier. Click Here for an example of how it works.

Here are a few examples of what is possible through our sites:

  • Self-Administered Sites - Save money on every change and update. We create sections, or entire sites, that you can edit and update at the click of a mouse, without knowing any code.
  • E-Commerce/Product Information - Display detailed product information, specifications, etc. and sell those products directly. Many companies who don't sell over the Internet, still use this feature to put their product information online for customers, salespeople and distributors.
  • Job Postings/RFP's/FAQ's - These types of web applications need current information. We create special web sections that allow the responsible people in your company to post this information directly and instantly to the Web site.
  • Extranets/Private Webs - Not all Web applications are public. We often create private sections (available only an appropriate login) that allow our clients to post private information to branch offices or an expanded sales force.

For small business needs, we have a product line available at This product allows some of the same functionality on a limited basis with excellent startup costs. Get your site online now and expand as your needs and budget allow.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation to determine how we can assist with your online business requirements.

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